Tiger Lake Battlefield V Run Analysis

Recently Ryan Shrout demoed a Tiger Lake system running Battlefield 5 at 30 fps on high settings. The demo looked fine, but in the void, it doesn't mean much, below I leave the original tweet. [Read more...]


E-Waste From the Aether: Testing Four SD Card Adapters An entire industry in China exists to generate e-waste for the bare minimum amount of money and sell it to hashtag The West for hilariously high margins. Amazon announced last year that 58% of sales on the site come from third-party Amazon Marketplace sellers, and an estimated half of them are based out of China. Every time Amazon makes four sales, sellers based in China make three. [Read more...]

The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Review - Core to Core Testing

Intro If you want more and just RAW data you can check that out here in this google sheet Spec Info The older CPU results are all historical data from previous reviews/data. 5820K, 8700K and I think the 1800X are all running 4 sticks of 2800 dual rank RAM for 32gb total. The 9900K I believe is running 4 sticks of 3466 single rank RAM for 32gb total. The 3950X is running 4 sticks of tuned (but not crazy optimal b-die look at me i’m a cool dude settings) 3600 single rank RAM for 32gb total. [Read more...]