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Founder, WebMaster & Writer

I’m just a geek with ADHD and motivational issues 😵

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Co-Founder & Writer

Anthroposophist & Software Developer, passionate about computer hardware, software design & architecture, and The King in Yellow, walking the Way of the Fool.

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Smart Guy & Technical Writer

PhD Candidate studying nanofabrication at University of Chicago

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Smart Guy & Technical Writer

Eclectic PC hardware enthusiast and Overclocker - Aspiring race car driver - Father - Husband - Working in a clean room - astro physics geek

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Smart Guy & Technical Writer

I am a scientist, computer designer and builder.

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Technical Writer & Gamers Rise Up Enthusiast

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Technical Writer

Network engineering by day, overcomplicating everything else also by day. Addicted to coffee and buying useless computer hardware.

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Same guy from Reddit and Twitter, I write interesting and unusual things here 🙂