AMD Vs Market

Consumer Responsibility. What is it, does it exist, and should it mean anything to you. Over the next few paragraphs you will read my arguments. [Read more...]

Classic Gaming Laptop Showdown Part 2 - The Dell Vostro 1000

Here we are on our 2nd part of the Classic Gaming Laptop series. Today I’m looking at the Dell Vostro 1000 which was released in 2007 for a price of around $400-600 USD mattering on sales but it’s hard to pin down a MSRP for some reason. It was almost like right after it was released that it went on sale. [Read more...]

Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are used very frequently in computer hardware reviews. Either in a video or on a webpage like this one there is always a struggle in figuring out how to make a static image of a graph “friendly” for your audience. [Read more...]