Compression Adventure - Fonts

Are you a designer that has a ton of fonts? You might want to backup your fonts at some point and maybe you were curious on what archive format would save the most space. I have some testing here that might be useful for you! [Read more...]


Three evil letters. T D P This is power draw. This is heat dissipation. This is NOTHING. [Read more...]

Google Duplex

Google has launched in limited rollout a thing called Duplex. This is that thing you might have heard about where an AI will make reservations to businesses on your behalf. [Read more...]

Mythbusting Parallel Computing

Parallel computing is a type of computation in which two or more computations are executed at the same time. The concept is well established in computer science and engineering, but there are lots of misunderstandings from the general public in general forums, blogs, social media, and comments sections of news sites. [Read more...]

Power Management In Windows

Power management on Windows is a very complex intermingled set of systems. Most people probably know of the minimum and maximum processor state settings but there are so many more things going on when you dig deep into all the subsystems and hidden Windows settings. [Read more...]