Charts and graphs are used very frequently in computer hardware reviews. Either in a video or on a webpage like this one there is always a struggle in figuring out how to make a static image of a graph “friendly” for your audience.

I’m going to be super unfriendly to you guys in this article due to image sizes to make my point so bear with me.


A big-ass PNG of a chart at near 1080p


A big-ass interactive javascript chart at near 1080p

Which one of these did you find friendlier and more useful? Ignore the size if you can, I only made it that big to showcase another issue at the same time. What if that chart was in a video? 1080p video, now you got to pause it and hopefully in theatre mode or on your phone it’s readable.

Personally, I like to go the extra mile when displaying data for my audience. It’s a little more hassle to put together a highchart from an already set-up and formatted Excel sheet but it’s totally worth it.