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Here we are on our 2nd part of the Classic Gaming Laptop series. Today I’m looking at the Dell Vostro 1000 which was released in 2007 for a price of around $400-600 USD mattering on sales but it’s hard to pin down a MSRP for some reason. It was almost like right after it was released that it went on sale.

The Dell Vostro 1000



  • AMD Athlon64 X2 TK-55 1.8GHz
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 150GB HDD
  • Ati Xpress 1150
  • 15” 1280x800 LCD Screen
  • SigmaTel Sound Card


The Dell Vostro 1000 came installed with Windows Vista and I very quickly wiped that out with Windows XP Professional.


Synthetic Tests

3DMark 2001

  • Dell Vostro 1000
    • Score : 5152

PCMark 2002:

  • Dell Vostro 1000
    • CPU Score : 5648
    • Memory Score : 6657
    • HDD Score : 906

Synthetic Testing Notes

Really nothing special stands out during testing. It was able to handle everything quite well, including the advanced rendering tests in 3DMark 2001. I’m not entirely sure if the benchmarks take advantage of the AMD’s dual core nature so you could look at the benchmarks and simply think that the AMD is ahead or that the Pentium M isn’t such a slouch for a single core CPU.

Synthetic Comparison Chart

Gaming Compatibility

DOSBOX Gaming Compatibility

Pretty much any of these games that I use DOSBOX for will run exactly the same. No need to mention anything here.

Windows Gaming Compatibility


This game runs VERY smoothly on the Dell Vostro. No issues here to speak of except the aspect ratio of the monitor not being 4:3.


Same issues as the ThinkPad but runs great once you get past the strangeness of how old this game is.

Civilization 3

Still slow but the GPU supports more advanced rendering. The expansion pack Colonization uses some shader things that glitch out on the ThinkPad but not AS MUCH on the Vostro.

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition

No issues

Thoughts and Conclusion

A big bulky generic laptop fully powered by AMD/ATI. Nothing stands out about this thing at all. It works, its rugged, its functional and it plays games and does Windows XP very well. I’m starting to think I need better ways of testing these laptops. I’m open to suggestions so please hit me up on Twitter with any you can think of.