If you were concerned that you wouldn’t be able to get your rip and tear on with your PC that happens to have unbalanced hardware well now is time to put that to rest… I think. With a decent amount of tweaking to the settings and using resolution scaling you should be able to have a decent experience on something as low as an RX 550 with 4 gigs of VRAM. My goal will be locking this game to a 1080p 60hz Vsync with the RX 550 that I have previously reviewed. I’m not sure who the audience is for this, but I know someone else out there might be in a situation where they have an 8700k or a 9900k and a shit graphics card.

You can check out this video right here to see what I was able to get in Doom 2016 for a taste of what I’m talkin’ about. At the end I show the settings used.