Are you a designer that has a ton of fonts? You might want to backup your fonts at some point and maybe you were curious on what archive format would save the most space. I have some testing here that might be useful for you!

The fonts folder on my desktop has

Count Name
959 .ttf
278 .fon
154 .otf
19 .ttc
4 .CompositeFont
1414 TOTAL

That’s a lot of fonts but probably pales in comparison to what some might have. The total size for all those fonts is 719,753,622 bytes.

Using WinRAR, PEAZip, BULKZip and 7ZIP I made archives of my fonts folder using different settings and algorithms to figure out which one could compress the most. The compression was done on my main desktop and you can click here for the specs. When given an option for multithreading I chose not to use it. Researching into compression I’ve found that multithreading could lead to decreased compression ratio. When given options for word size or dictionary size I went with the largest option unless stated in the file name. In some cases the date modified and date created have no baring on how long creation of the archive took, those are the ones with the same value for each. For reference the .tar file is an uncompressed control.

So there ya go! Now I have a Fallout 76 PC beta to get to. SEE YA!