Deus Ex Mankind Divided Testing

I've been playing through Deus Ex Mankind Divided recently and have noticed some strangeness with the performance relative to the graphical fidelity. Considering my rig, I thought I shouldn't have much of an issue locking 120hz. So, I decided to delve deeper... [Read more...]

Storage That Happens to be On a Network Part 2

It’s time I bring you up to date with my NAS build adventure. You can find the original article here. I’ve recently brought up some experimental risky upgrades and I want to share my experiences with you. [Read more...]

Compression Adventure - Fonts

Are you a designer that has a ton of fonts? You might want to backup your fonts at some point and maybe you were curious on what archive format would save the most space. I have some testing here that might be useful for you! [Read more...]


Three evil letters. T D P This is power draw. This is heat dissipation. This is NOTHING. [Read more...]