There comes a time in every website’s life where it gets a feeling of wanting to know what’s going on internally with it.

This feeling of introspection comes with a ton of doubt and that is a very normal thing to go through. There is a way to cut through the doubt to a degree, so one can legitimize certain emotions and make them more rational and actionable. By tracking how many of you come to see us and what articles you read we can have data that is very useful for the future of The Chip Collective. What if we were around for years at this point and never collected any numbers at all and some computer hardware company heard about us and wanted us to review something? I’m pretty sure they’d want to know what kind of traffic we get to see if we were worth the effort to send something to. On YouTube this is just automatic and plainly visible. For a website you need to integrate a snippet of code that helps a service collect analytics. I’ve put this off on my personal blog because those numbers give me anxiety. But here at The Chip Collective it’s not just me doing the writing. We have a team that is hungry and enthusiastic and not knowing these numbers could be catastrophic for our future. Starting today we will be implementing Google Analytics and I will be personally tweaking the settings to collect the minimal crap possible while preserving the useful settings. It’s all anonymous (as far as you can throw Google for being anonymous) and this is as far as we will go in terms of user intrusiveness. Using an Analytics service obviously means that we need to include an annoying as fuck pop up thing that you need to blindly click “go the fuck away” to. I’ll figure out the best way to deal with that because I REALLY hate those things. For future consideration we will never implement ads on this website. The most we will do for funding things is set up some sort of maybe a Patreon or somethingā€¦ But that is me getting ahead of myself because that’d mean figuring out business things and employee things. I hope you enjoyed this text block of inside baseball kind of stuff. Just remember, as a reader of this website we aim to respect you and to not do anything to you that we wouldn’t want done to us from a tech website. Remember, we’re all in this together, be us Blue team or Red team or Green team; we all just REALLY like technology, hence “The Chip Collective”.