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Hey fellow tech press out there I’d like you all to get your heads outta your asses. The thing I’m talking about is a benchmark posted by APISAK on Twitter.

He posted an image of the results along with the text “RTX 2080? ( NVIDIA Graphics Device 8GB ) Time Spy Gpu Score 10,030”. The driver version suggests that it is using 411.17 when the newest drivers out as of this article are 399.07. This does give a tiny bit of credit to it being a new card. The thing I’m more wanting to zero in on are these quotes I’ve been reading.

“NVIDIA RTX 2080 Time Spy preliminary benchmark leaked – 37% faster than a GTX 1080 and 6% faster than a GTX 1080 Ti without using AI core” - Usman Pirzada WCCFTECH

“The RTX 2080 manages to score more than 10,000 points on the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark. To put this into perspective, the GTX 1080 Ti achieves 9508 points in the same test while the GTX 1080 achieves a mere 7325 points. This means the RTX 2080 is 37% faster than the GTX 1080 and 6% more than a GTX 1080 Ti at conventional shading performance. I am fairly certain actual games with optimized drivers will be able to hit the 40% to 50% performance improvement sweet spot once these things actually hit the shelves.” - Usman Pirzada WCCFTECH

“What’s more interesting is the Graphics score. From the data we have been able to gather over the course of several reviews, the purported GeForce RTX 2080 tops them all, including the Titan Xp. It’s also about 30 percent faster than an AMD Radeon RX Vega 64.” - Paul Lilly HotHardware

HotHardware was less sensationalist then most articles covering this. VideoCardz and Hexus also were lukewarm. VideoCardz also went the extra mile and included a bench showing the Titan XP as faster which is correct, that’s what you should be doing for an article like this. So many online rags also posted information about availability and preorder prices. Think about this for a second; I’m going to talk about a leaked benchmark that shows marginal upgrade from current in a benchmark that shows pretty much what to expect in CURRENT games and then SUGGEST to you that “oh yeah, you can pre-order this thing right now”. There are also a hand full of articles talking about how most of the core for Turing is filled with the tensor cores and ray-tracing cores along with shader cores so effectively half of the die is unused for Time Spy. Yes, in current games and benchmarks none of that gets used. This is a negative, this is not a hopeful positive.

Here are some raw stats for the 2080Ti, 1080Ti and the 2080. Best numbers highlighted in Nvidia green. Core clock speed for the 2080Ti is just copied from the 2080’s Time Spy reported core clock speed. Here is a link to a comparison between the leak and my 1080Ti’s fastest on air overclocked Time Spy result.

It would be hard for a chip like the 2080 to outright beat the 1080ti in any meaningful way in current generation games. This is just going from what we know today about the Turing architecture. That is to say, this is going from guesswork and numbers. We don’t know anything about Turing and how it works for rasterization. This is why I’ve been Tweeting about the possibility of Turing just being Pascal on speed or Pascal with Tensor cores and Ray-Tracing cores. I’m all for new technology and higher performance. I’m also for higher fidelity gaming and graphics. I can’t wait to see real numbers from this lineup and I also can’t wait to test them myself. There have been epic levels of… I don’t even know what to call it really… from the tech press in general about the Turing launch. Some outlets just sound like Nvidia PR departments and others sound like they drunk the entire jug of Kool-Aid. There are still some good eggs out there who are being skeptical and cautious about this whole thing.

Remember, wait for the numbers and consider what you currently play now. If Turing performs wildly better with current games, then I’d say its worth your money and my money. If not, skip this one because there is something else going on here that we won’t know about until its in the hands of reviewers that know what they are doing.