What Codecs Uploaded to YouTube Give The Best Quality?

That’s what I’m here to find out.

I recorded some gameplay in lossless MagicYUV AVI format and exported the video out to a couple different common formats that are accepted by YouTube. The gameplay was recorded in 1080p60 and scaled up to 3840x2160 with point scaling. I used point filtered scaling to preserve the hard edges for easier comparison. 4k videos are generally given more bitrate by YouTube so I considered 1080p uploads would be out of the question.

WebM VP9 Source

  • 70 quality encoder setting
  • 1.77 GiB

MP4 H265 Source

  • 50mbps CBR
  • 1.53 GiB

DNxHR UHD Source

  • automatic quality settings
  • 53.4 GiB

MP4 H264 Source

  • 50mbps CBR
  • 1.47 GiB

MOV Cineform

  • 5 quality setting
  • 55.7 GiB


  • Max Compression
  • 36.2 GiB

Conclusion (PENDING)